• Building a consistent brand

    betterU has created a marketing program to support our partners in advancing their efforts, while supporting our collective opportunities.

Branded Website

betterU’s Resellers and Strategic Partners are provided with a branded website managed by betterU.

Branded Platform

betterU’s partners brand is also linked into the website to create simplicity. 

Example Partner Branded Platforms

Skill Council of Canada is focused on providing Indigenous and more vulnerable communities with access to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) PLUS skills development support. SCCC supports post-secondary institutions, their students work experiences and employers in managing their student placement outcomes.

“The partnership with betterU complements our post-secondary programs with online short courses aiming towards providing the critical skills needed to succeed in a variety of professional environments.”  

Dr. Nicos Nicolaou, Founder and CEO of UNICAF

NRCM is focused on supporting Morocco in it’s entirety. With 25 years behind them NRCM has a large network of corporate clients, government partners and community engagement making them perfect partner to represent betterU’s platform in North Africa. 

Paramount Staffing is one of the USA’s large staffing companies that were earlier adopters betterU’s Ready-To-Go. With 1,000s of employees across the USA, Paramount needed a solution that supported their changing environment.
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