• Complexity simplified with technology

    Technology is an enabler, not the solution. If you don't know who to use, don't buy it!

Don't invest in a LMS!

Technology changes everyday and if you invest in a LMS, you could get stuck with long-term commitments, limited flexibility and more.

We invest in state-of-the-art partnerships and solutions so you can focus on what matters, your people’s skills development.

betterU’s cloud-based Learning Management System is the foundation that supports our assessments, content library creating a skills development ecosystem that provides access to ready-made and customizable solutions to meet the needs of our clients and partners. 

Simplifying Skills Access

The world of work is rapidly changing and individuals, training organizations, corporates and governments are demanding for skills development solutions that are flexible, customizable, scalable, affordable and very easy to support and manage.

betterU’s goal has been to build an innovative solution that manages all partners and networks established by leveraging the same back-end infrastructure under betterU’s management. betterU’s core system supports and governs multiple white labelled partners providing each separate Skills Management System with their own access, user management, administrative management and access to the same resources, programs, tools under betterU’s governance.

Supportive Technology

betterU has been focused on the complexities of the education industry since 2008. For many of the communities betterU has worked in, overcoming the obstacles experienced with ever-changing technology was a key focus when developing skill initiatives.

Through betterU, all our solutions bring together integrated technologies that automate and simplify access to top education and training programs from around the world, while supporting local customization, white labelling and 100% flexibility. The Skills Management System was created to provide skill development opportunities with the benefit of the full support and experience of the betterU team.


The shift to online learning in 2020 has put many global trainers under pressure to move online. betterU’s Reseller Program will enable any training group with a Ready-To-Go ecosystem opportunity to sell and build upon, supported by betterU’s already made solutions. 

betterU has established a global network of training partners each with their own branding, and management structure.  


Many employers are forced to change their learning providers more often then they should namely because of the complexities and time required to manage the systems, the integration of multiple content providers and their employees. This complexity is why betterU has developed Ready-To-Go. We have simplified the entire ecosystem so that employers can focus on their people while betterU supports them in the background.


Educators and post secondary institutions have a duty to help their students become future ready. Globalization and innovation continues to shift education and the skills required to successfully enter the workplace. betterU’s Skills Management System supports the needs of post secondary institutions by aligning the skills of tomorrow with the education of today. Through betterU’s Work Integrated Learning solutions, everyone wins!


Individuals entering the workforce can often feel overwhelmed by the number of skill requirements necessary for today’s jobs. Understanding current skill levels before taking on new programs is key to making the most of skills training efforts. betterU’s Management System includes 1,800+ assessments to help an individual determine their skills gap and then access our resources to create their plan to succeed.

The Skills Management System provides all user groups with access to their own branding, profiles, content customization, language options, assessments, course selection, type of delivery and much more.