• Skills are personal

    We help each individual understand their skills gap and learning path.

Understanding your skills

Students, employees, underemployed or unemployed are looking to attain the skills they need to be job ready. The job landscape continues to change as technologies advance and the jobs of the future need new skills. It is important for anyone looking to advance their skills for the job they need, they must first understand what their skills gaps are. From there, each individual can better plan their skills development journey with betterU.

Build your learning path

Once you understand your skill gaps, planning your learning path becomes much easier.  You now know where you need support and have access through betterU to a library of content.  What is important for your continual growth, is to ensure you test your skill gap regularly to ensure you are advancing. As you improve, you simply select learning paths aligned with your needs. Basic, intermediate or advance courses would be made available.  

20,000+ Skills

This is the estimated number of skills that exist in the market today. That is a lot! 

Not all individuals follow the same career path and while there are many transferrable skills from one industry to other, there are some skills that are unique to the job and the person. 

betterU continues to curate content that can be used by many people across the most common skills requirements. Our focus is to ensure each person that joins betterU’s Skills platform will have access to the skills they need. 


From our 1,800+ assessments we are able to determine individual skills gaps and provide direction.

Assess Skills

Assess and determine an individual's skills gap first to understand where to focus skills training and development efforts.

Content Library

From our curated library of over 3,700 skills development courses, we can support much more.

Content Ready

Why spend time trying to find the right learning content? With 3,700+ programs, we have the content you need, when you need it.

Mobile Learning

betterU's programs are available 'on the go' so that individuals carry their resources with them.

Micro Learning

Learning in small intervals, bite sized skills programs has proven to increase retention. betterU's micro learning provides learning when and where needed.


A Learning Management System to provide access to courses, reports, stats and more.

Cloud-Based Platform

No installation and fast and easy cloud-based access to all the benefits of a fully loaded Learning Management System.

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Skills development for job readiness, skilling, reskilling and upskilling is a large challenge the world is facing right now. By joining betterU, you will be part of a global collaboration of partners reimagining the future of education.