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    Updating the world's education, doesn't happen overnight.

Years of Experience

betterU has been working for years to bring together solutions to support employee skills development, student job readiness, government alignment to industry and academia.


betterU was founded with the vision to help those less fortunate gain access to education needed to advance their lives. In 2008, the idea of betterU was born. betterU's leadership spent 3 years in India working to understand the root problems within Tier 1, 2, 3 cities as well as rural locations and villages. The years that followed, betterU travelled the world to build a network of education partners after which launched multiple potential solutions and tested the markets into in mid-2019 determined the right solution.


Founded in 2013 in Ottawa Canada. betterU is a social impact education-to-employment technology company offering an end-to-end platform leveraging business intelligence for skilling, reskilling and upskilling for individuals, companies and governments operating on domestic and a global scale. betterU has built a global platform and has integrated content, technology and support for skills assessments, learning pathways and training modules.  We help build better people!  

skillsdox india private ltd. (o/a betterU)

Founded in 2015 in Mumbai India. Skillsdox IPL was set-up in India as the operating entity for betterU. This was required to operate within India and support local currencies.


betterU is building a network that trainer partners across the globe providing them with their own white labelled customized and localized Skills Management platform. This network will enable trainers with the opportunity to provide their networks with skill development programs to support the future growth of their people. All platforms interconnect with betterU's management system.

Skills Ecosystem

betterU's Management System includes 3,700+ courses, 800+ job role and 1,000+ subject based assessments, with interactive learning experiences. The platform also includes a robust learning management system that is supported on both desktop and mobile, is fully customizable, and offers multilingual translation options.


betterU includes a group of global leaders who believe that the only way to support national skills development is through collaboration. The company brings leaders together to connect, collaborate and support each other's needs while promoting each other's strengths. There are no competitors when it comes to true partnerships for the greater good.

global network

For scale across industries, counties and on a global scale, betterU needed to ensure it had a platform that could provide individualized solutions per partner, but at the same time, integrated all partners into one management system. betterU's platform enables a streamlined, white labelled, customized foundation for a global network, controlled and managed by betterU.

Advisor board

betterU has been working to establish global leaders who are passionate about education and supporting diversity, equality and inclusion for all.


betterU's leadership team includes experienced entrepreneurs and business people who are passionate about making a difference. We are not perfect, but we work hard, do not give up and are always working to improve, advance and support our shareholders, partners and learners.