• All Industries face skill shortages

    SME, Corporates, Not-for-Profits and Industry Associations all need essential skills to support their people.

Supporting a country

Flexible, scalable, customizable, networkable, collaborative and betterU’s robust solutions can support an entire country.  If you work for a government department trying to figure out how to provide skills development to your employees, your country’s SME, entrepreneurs, students, not-for-profile organizations or hard to reach communities, betterU can provide you with the solution.

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why betterU?

The foundation of betterU took years of R&D, development, testing, retesting and adapting solutions to meet the needs of everyone we worked with. Governments, Corporates, Educators, Employees, Students, Villages and Rural Communities. Each had their own requirements, but all aligned in the need for a single skills development platform and could adapt to change, be simple to use, while complex in substance.

 To understand betterU’s efforts in building a global solution, take a look at the videos, conferences, speaking events… 


betterU can customize each platform for each small business so that they have access to what they need.

No long-term costs

Most SMEs cannot afford the commitments required by most skills platforms. We provide solutions made for SMEs.


Each company has their own needs. Many do not have the internal capabilities or capacity.

No hassle

betterU provides full support skill solutions so that companies do not have to worry about set-up, content advancements and even employee communication.


Many government funded programs are looking for partners that can get results.

Get things done!

betterU has worked on solutions around the world and in countries where funding was limited. We always get the work done for our partners!


Many people have lost their jobs, forced to change careers, so we are going to help them restart.

Setting up a network

betterU has been working to develop programs for entrepreneurs so that they could become a partner with us and leverage our foundation to start their business.