• Skills solutions for all

    betterU is focused on an single idea, that can be duplicated around the world.

Global skills Network

betterU has been working to develop skills solutions that can be duplicated and customized to open around the world, using the same backend systems, with user access in the language of their choice. This will accomplish a global network of skills development partners.

Growing a Global Ecosystem

Over the years, betterU has twisted and turned trying to find the right solution that could help support access to education to anyone, anywhere. The solutions came to betterU in 2019 and the company immediately pivoted. That change, while slight in structure and offering has made all the difference. betterU’s collaborative model has grown our global partnerships and opened up new territories. 

The following are the 4 foundational pieces to the global solution.

The Platform

Flexible, scalable, customization, multilingual, state-of-the-art, and able to duplicate.


Cloud-based system managed with partners who are experts with global learning management systems.

Content Library

Our curated library of over 3,700 skills development courses, 1,800+ job / subject based assessments.

Content Ready

Why spend time trying to find the right learning content? betterU works with our partners to provide the content then need.

While Labelling

Powered by betterU, our partners are able to be represent our products as their own.

Powered by

Creating a true partnership requires that we respect the brand, culture and reputations of our partners. White labelling so our partners can run their front-end, while betterU supports them in the background.


Affordable, localized, blended delivery, multilingual are some of key requirements for access.

Cloud-Based Platform

No installation and fast and easy cloud-based access to all the benefits of a fully loaded Learning Management System.