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Easy for Employers

betterU has made our solution easy to adopt so Employers can remain focused on developing better skilled people. Don’t waste time and money on becoming a system expert, content developer or assessment provider.

Schedule a demo with the betterU team and see all the wonderful features, functions and simplicity of the platform.

better skills Platform

What matters most for an employer is that they are able to support each individual employee need for skills development. Happy employees will result in increased productivity, better working environment and loyalty.  

betterU will provide employers with access to a robust system with as much or as little control as needed.  


From our 1,800+ assessments we are able to determine individual skills gaps and provide direction.

Assess Skills

Assess and determine an individual's skills gap first to understand where to focus skills training and development efforts.

Content Library

From our curated library of over 3,700 skills development courses, we can support much more.

Content Ready

Why spend time trying to find the right learning content? With 3,700+ programs, we have the content you need, when you need it.

Mobile Learning

betterU's programs are available 'on the go' so that individuals carry their resources with them.

Micro Learning

Learning in small intervals, bite sized skills programs has proven to increase retention. betterU's micro learning provides learning when and where needed.


A Learning Management System to provide access to courses, reports, stats and more.

Cloud-Based Platform

No installation and fast and easy cloud-based access to all the benefits of a fully loaded Learning Management System.