We are a passionate, curious, and ambitious team!

Our Focus

Education is the foundation for success and critical for personal and professional growth. Many do not have access to the right skills to succeed. Our focus for 2020 is to advance skill development programs to enable anyone to work towards the career and life they desire.

Who We Are

Social entrepreneurs and employees who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. We stand out because we are committed to building innovative solutions. 

Founded: 2013
Corporate Office: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

betterU is an education-to-employment technology company offering an end-to-end solution leveraging business intelligence for skilling, reskilling and upskilling for companies operating on domestic and global scales. betterU has built a global platform and has integrated content, technology and support for skills assessments, learning pathways and training modules from 100+ of the world’s leading online education providers.  We don’t sell content, we help build better people.  

The Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action, Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) outlined by UNESCO defines education as the most important goal required to support the rest of the world’s critical issues. The downside with the SDG4 plan is that it currently only defines what ‘should’ or ‘could’ be done, while providing recommendations for governments, corporations and other world leaders to take action. Processes and steps for achieving this goal have not been clearly defined, creating vagueness and ambiguity for action. This reduces accountability.  

Even though the understanding of why Education for All is important and clear, the who, how, when and where have been left unanswered. betterU realized many years ago that without a global centralized system, attainment of the SDG4, while ambitious, will remain unattainable.  

Over the last seven years we have traveled the world to educate our leaders and bring together global educators and leaders to support our vision. The efforts made by betterU around the world have been to put in place global solutions that in the end would result in actions that governments and other global leaders could get behind to support a fundamental change in how people access education. Global collaboration is the only solution to solve Education for All. 

Core Operational Team

Brad Loiselle


Jason Burke

Chief Financial Officer

Kate O'Neil

Global Partnerships

Neel Thakkar


Pankaj Raina

Head of Australia

Hans - Eric Lippke

Technology Manager

betterU's Board of Directors

Brad Loiselle

Chief Executive Officer
Founder and Social Entrepreneur

Anthony Keenan

International Entrepreneur

Duncan Cowie

International Entrepreneur

betterU's Board of Advisors

Stewart Beck

President/CEO at Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Kevin Harrington

Inventor of the Infomercial and on Shark Tank - USA

Junichi Hayashi

President SIMUL International - Japan


CEO at Telecom Sector Skill Council of India